1340cc Radical

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Eric drives a Radical 1340 and his particular vehicle comes with a bit of racing lore.  Renowned Formula 1 driver, Sebastian Vettel, was the previous driver of this car.

As the story goes, Eastern was at a competition in Florida where the team car was totaled.  Coincidentally, two Radicals were available nearby in Miami as the Race of Champions had just concluded the week prior. Both were for sale, and both had just been driven at the ROC event. But only one of those Radicals was driven by Vettel who actually won the Nation’s Cup Title at the ROC event using that car.  It was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. Eric now drives Vettel’s car, hence the continued use of the ROC branding, along with the orange and black livery.

3.3 sec
Top Speed
160 mph
HP at Flywheel
195 bhp
620 kg
Lateral Force
2.3 g




  • Gen 4 RPE-Suzuki 1500cc 4-cylinder dry sump oil system (optional)

  • Gen 4 RPE-Suzuki 1340cc 4-cylinder dry sump oil system (standard)

  • Latest Life Racing ECU


  • Six-speed sequential gearbox

  • Formula 1™ ‘style’ paddle-activated gearshift system with auto-blipper

  • Quaife final drive and limited-slip differential


  • Fully adjustable Nik-link suspension system, front and rear unequal length top and bottom wishbones, fabricated uprights, forged centre locked hubs and interchangeable roll bars

  • Choice of bespoke Intrax fully adjustable dampers


  • Bespoke slick tires

  • Bespoke wet tires


  • Length: 4077 mm

  • Width: 1799 mm

  • Height: 1093 mm