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Eastern Racing Competes in the Concours Cup

Eastern Racing, the adrenaline-fueled racing division of Eastern Shipping Worldwide, Inc., is leaving tire tracks in the fiercely competitive Concours Cup series. Led by skilled driver Eric Wagner in Car #1, the team isn’t just competing; they’re racing with a clear purpose.

The journey for Eastern Racing in the Concours Cup kicked off with Round 1 in Miami, where Eric Wagner demonstrated resilience and skill, securing a commendable 5th place finish. Building on this momentum, the team surged ahead in Round 2 to claim an impressive 3rd place. This success continued in Round 3, with Wagner achieving a notable 2nd place finish. The momentum persisted into Round 4, with Eastern Racing securing another 3rd place position.

Eastern Racing holds 2nd place, overall, in the championship standings. TVI Racing has played a pivotal role in the team’s success, delivering flawless support to the Eastern Racing car and contributing to multiple podium finishes throughout the series.