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Gonella Racing: Precision and Passion in the F4 US Championship


Gonella Racing, a team founded by the esteemed Ernie Gonella, is making waves in the highly competitive F4 US Championship. With over 35 years of experience as a professional driver and engineer, Ernie’s program is shaping young drivers into skilled competitors. With the support and sponsorship of Eastern Shipping Worldwide, Gonella Racing is thriving and leaving its mark on the championship. 

The F4 US Championship, launched in 2014, serves as a crucial stepping stone for budding racing drivers, bridging the gap between karting and single-seater racing. It provides a globally recognized platform for emerging talent to test their skills against the best drivers from various championships worldwide. 

The 2023 F4 US Championship is comprised of six thrilling events, with each one presenting an opportunity for drivers to showcase their abilities. Let’s take a closer look at the current standings and the impressive performance of Gonella Racing:

NOLA SpeedTour (March 9 – 12): In the first race of this event, Carl Bennett #9 claimed an impressive victory, securing 25 points. Tyke Durst #17 finished 9th, earning 2 points. On the second race, Carl Bennett #9 finished 8th, earning another 4 points.

Road America SpeedTour  (May 18 – 21): In the first race of this event, Carl Bennett #9 finished 6th, adding another 8 points to the team’s tally, Tyke Durst #17 finished 10th, earning another 1 point. On the third race of this event, Tyke Durst #17 finished 9th, earning another 1 point.

PERMCO Grand Prix of Mid-Ohio, a SpeedTour Event (June 22 – 25): In this event, Tyke Durst #17 was the only driver for Gonella Racing.  He was able to score a total of 4.5 points throughout the three races of this event.

With a total of 45.5 points, Gonella Racing Team currently holds a commendable 6th place out of 17 teams in the overall standings. This strong position is largely thanks to their outstanding performance in the early stages of the championship.

In the individual driver standings, Carl Bennett #9 is shining brightly in 10th place, out of 39 drivers, with 37 points. His remarkable skills and determination on the track are evident in his consistent performances. Tyke Durst #17 is also making a mark, currently standing in 13th place, out of 39 drivers, with 8.5 points. 

 The next event, the New Jersey Lottery SpeedTour scheduled on July 28th – 30th, promises to be a thrilling spectacle. As the championship progresses, Gonella Racing is poised to build upon its promising results and leave a lasting impact on the F4 US Championship.

Eastern proudly sponsors Gonella Racing, recognizing the team’s dedication to precision and passion. As the championship continues, we eagerly anticipate the exhilarating races and commendable performances that Gonella Racing will deliver. Stay tuned for further updates as the team continues to make its mark on the world of motorsports.