Eastern Racing, led by Eric Wagner, weaves a remarkable tale of success bridging diverse industries. Eric’s primary focus is Eastern Shipping Worldwide®, an international freight forwarding business far removed from the realm of motorsports. However, in 2015, Eric’s foray into racing commenced at the Autobahn CC in Joliet, IL, igniting his passion for racing.

With an unyielding desire to enhance his driving skills and advance his racing career, Eric turned to Emanuel Talquenca, also known as Ema, and his racing venture, TVI Racing.

Wagner and Talquenca achieved notable victories in various racing categories. They excelled in the Blue Marble Cocktails Radical Cup North America 1340 class and the 1500 class, securing team triumphs. Their crowning achievement occurred at the prestigious NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race, where they piloted the #10 Eastern Racing Radical SR3 RSX 1340 car to a historic win. This milestone marked the first time a car with an engine capacity of less than two liters seized the coveted overall victory.

Emanuel Talquenca, the visionary founder and manager of TVI Racing, enjoys esteemed status in the motorsports realm. With a wealth of experience and unwavering dedication to racing, Talquenca has earned a respected reputation in the racing community. As a skilled driver himself, his profound understanding and commitment to excellence have been pivotal in guiding the Eastern Racing team to their impressive accomplishments, alongside exceptional drivers. 

Eric Wagner
Emanuel ( EMA) Talquenca
Founder & Manager, TVI Racing
Victor Franzoni
Driver Coach